David Ian Davies, a talented performer with many voice credits to his name, brings a wonderful range of distinctly unique voices into play on this 4-disc CD reading of the classic Sherlock Holmes story. It is now equipped with chapter tracks so teachers and general listeners can follow the story better.

When Jay, Seymour, Kira, and Myrin discover a jungle planet controlled by a Dominion mad scientist and her experiments, there are only two possible outcomes: Kill or be killed.

Fortunately, killing is something that the team knows how to do well, so the Dominion doesn’t stand a chance.

Disclaimer: This novel has a harem with beautiful alien women.

El actual trabajo, que tras una primera publicación apareció bajo el nombre de Plantas venenosas en parques y jardines, dirigido a sectores vinculados con la jardinería y la gestión de espacios verdes públicos, hoy se presenta con éste nuevo título, Plantas tóxicas y psicotrópicas, atendiendo especialmente al riesgo que encierra el consumo de ciertas plantas en usos fitoterapéuticos, al igual y por otro lado, al potencial peligro que algunas de estas plantas presentan en su consumo lúdico recreativo, extendido hoy más que nunca en gran parte de la población juvenil. En ambos casos, y en su mayoría, estos consumos son realizados bajo un imprudente e irreflexivo desconocimiento de las posibles y fatales consecuencias que podrían sobrevenir con creciente popularización de estos hábitos. Ciertamente y tras una primera labor de recopilación de casuística clínica sobre intoxicaciones en niños quedamos sorprendidos al comprobar que actualmente se producen más accidentes por plantas en sectores de población juvenil y adulta que en la población infantil. La búsqueda de experiencias psicodélicas a bajo coste tomándolas directamente de plantas cercanas está causando hoy percances, a veces fatales, en una población juvenil que en cualquier momento descubre y pone de moda a una rapidez online los efectos de alguna que otra propiedad psicotrópica que poseen ciertos vegetales próximos. Por otro lado, y quizás movidos por una añorada y nostálgica vuelta a lo natural, un sector de población adulta busca un reencuentro con esa supuesta naturaleza bienhechora a veces desde una óptica inexperta en la creencia que todo lo natural, por el mero hecho de serlo, es saludable, siendo aquí donde florece gran cantidad de literatura no documentada que es difundida con el peligro que supone una total ausencia de disciplina y rigor contrastado. Quizás en ello haya parte de responsabilidad en autores vinculados al mundo científico y universitario que estemos más preocupados en realizar aportaciones a la ciencia, descuidando en ocasiones el hacer una necesaria aportación de esta ciencia a la sociedad de una manera asequible como herramienta de uso práctico al servicio social. Es por ello que este trabajo, pretende hacer un vertido de conocimientos solventes y refutados de una serie de acreditados autores en las disciplinas médica, farmacognóstica y botánica, que son realmente los merecedores del posible mérito de esta labor, habiendo por nuestra parte hecho tan sólo un intento del traslado de su saber y buen hacer a quienes les pueda interesar, en nuestro deseo está el haberlo conseguido. José A. Hita Fernández Junio, 2019

101 Conversations in Simple Italian: Short Natural Dialogues to Boost Your Confidence & Improve Your Spoken Italian (Italian Edition)Kindle edition by Richards, Olly. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading 101 Conversations in Simple Italian: Short Natural Dialogues to Boost Your Confidence & Improve Your Spoken Italian (Italian Edition).

Who am I? What is my purpose? How did I get to this point in my life?If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you are not alone. Connecting the dots between who you were and who you want to be is difficult, and many young adults especially struggle with this as they enter adulthood. With the prevalence of social media in the 21st century, comparison and idealization can make it even challenging to answer these questions. Through sharing her own story, Amanda E. Bjerke describes her journey to becoming self aware as a 20 something year old with the lessons she’s learned from reflecting on important events from her past.Self awareness is a skill and ongoing process that you practice to be conscious of your strengths, weaknesses, values, and overall presence. At the end of each chapter, there are questions to help you reflect upon your own experiences and practice self awareness. This allows you to further understand how your unique human experience impacts the way you interact with and perceive the world around you.This book is for you if you are:• confused about or trying to figure out what to do with your life,• giving up on your dreams and passions,• struggling to find a purpose,• curious to learn about yourself,• or questioning why/how you got hereIt is never too late to start exploring! Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or older, self awareness is a practice that continues to evolve as you do. Where will you start exploring today?Scroll up and click the "Buy Now" button.

SideQuests are stand-alone stories or novellas that chronicle the heroes, villains, and adventures in The Foreworld Saga across numerous eras and ages. They can be read in any order with or without prior knowledge of The Foreworld Saga. In this quick-witted and action-packed addition to The Foreworld Saga series, the leader of the Shield-Brethren has dispatched two of his men northward to secure land for a new citadel. When Tyr and his companion come upon the perfect spot, they discover that it is owned by Voldrun, a northern king with a questionable sense of justice. Although he welcomes the travelers, the king's true motives eventually become clear. Determined to be compensated for his hospitality, Voldrun subjects the duo to several challenges, culminating in a game more dangerous than either warrior could ever have imagined. Steadfast and brave to the end, Tyr must draw upon all of his considerable skill and cunning as he endeavors to outwit the sly Voldrun and strives to secure a bright future for the order.

The drama continues! With the paternity of Toya’s baby still unknown, Meek and the crew are in a race to find Shad and the baby. Shad’s unpredictable nature has every more than worried.

After having her daughter, Drea feels the need to change for her daughter’s sake. A connection with her family is needed and she takes the steps to right her wrongs.

Is Drea’s newfound attitude just a cover for something more sinister? Will her family welcome her with open arms or has that bridge been burnt? Throughout all the drama Toya and Meek are facing there are even more enemies lurking in the shadows just waiting to ruin their lives.

Will Meek be able to rescue Toya’s child, or will he fail at be the protector he claims to be? In the end, Meek and Toya will find themselves questioning everything, but will love be the answer to all their problems?

A unique collection of Sanskrit documents by unknown compilers belonging to pre-Sultanate Gujarat, the Lekhapaddhati is a sourcebook of immense historical importance. Presumably written as a guide for official scribes and professional letter writers, it is the sole non-epigraphic repository of grants and other public and private documents form early medieval India.

No English translation or even a detailed study of the text has ever been attempted. Prasad puts together for the first time a complete translation of the documents with annotations and a detailed critical introduction. Careful, literal, and yet comprehensible, this study sheds light on various aspects of administrative, economic, and social history. It contains numerous selections of letters and documents, treaties between kings, rules of administration, and model drafts of private letter.

The volume contains valuable information of the functioning of the judicial system, caste system, slavery, position of women, social customs like divorce, remarriage, and various aspects of economy such as agriculture, credit, banking, types of taxes levied, and coinage.

In her insightful introduction, Prasad examines the significance of Lekhapaddhati documents for numerous aspects of late ancient and early medieval society. She investigates several terms used in these documents by reference to their use in inscriptions and literary texts. She also elucidates the historical context of the documents. This sourcebook will be very useful for scholars, researches, and students of ancient and medieval Indian history, judicial history, literature, and Sanskrit language; particularly those concerned with Gujarat and Western India.

(Sacred Folio). 25 praise & worship favorites are arranged for piano solo in Volume 2 of this collection. It includes preludes, offertories, transitions, meditations, and "special music," making it an excellent resource for contemporary services of worship. Songs include: Above All * Come, Now Is the Time to Worship * God of Wonders * He Is Exalted * Take My Life * Thank You, Lord * The Potter's Hand * Wonderful, Merciful Savior, and many more.